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What is Princity ?

Princity is a centralized printer fleet management solution for
multi-brand office printing and copying devices.


Get Meter readings
Reduce time spent obtaining information to bill
Improve the quality of billing data


Automate delivery triggering
Reduce customer cartridge inventories (CPP contracts)
Limit early cartridge replacements

Technical Management

Diagnose before sending a technician
Dispatch technicians with the right parts
Optimise and limit the technician's movements


Customised reports and Statistics
Develop sales opportunities
Identify necessary changes within the fleet
Detect business opportunities

Device Information Levels 

Billing Management

  • Information on all available counters

  • Page volume, statistics and graphical reports


  • Information about the status of ink and parts to automate renewal

  • Information on the cartridges: serial number, part number, capacity, first use date, last use date, estimated remaining pages, full description

Technical Management 

  • Information about messages on the LCD panel

  • Technical alerts of the equipment

  • Remote access to the machine's web pages to perform all the maintenance operations available on the machine

Princity simplifies data collection

It simplifies the implementation and daily management of data collector agents in poorly adapted client environments. The clustering of software agents reduces the time technicians spend managing collection agents and thus optimises the operational costs of the technical service.In instances where the deployment of a device for data collection is preferred, we introduce our Skybox device. With this plug n play device, there is no need to install any software agents on computers or servers and there are zero licensing costs, pre configured Linux OS running.

Advanced data collection

The Princity data collection agents come in different forms, depending on customer preference. We have both software or hardware agents [known as SKYBOX] that can be installed in any Windows, Linux or Mac environment with connectivity to the printing systems. Princity data collector agents run as a service allowing it to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a closed session. If you have a fleet of USB printers in a Windows environment, simply download the appropriate agent and install same on connected PC or laptop. USB printers now fully managed.

Principle of operation

Should you be interested in Princity, be advised that we are the exclusive distributors for the African continent and we aim to provide you the best service & support possible.


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