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MultiPAY Plus

MultiPAY, a versatile web-based deposit platform.

How does MultiPAY work ?

MultiPAY Plus is a web based deposit portal whereby customers can load funds from anywhere and from any internet based device i.e. laptop, tablets, smartphones etc. MultiPAY supports both credit card/debit card deposits, as well as, country specific digital wallets, for example, zapper (RSA) | Mpesa (Central & East Africa) | MasterPass (RSA). Within minutes, approved funds are reflected within the PaperCut account....... Currently 16 different African countries supported. The payment offering may vary from country to country, depending on which platforms are supported/not supported.

Demo MultiPAY using the link at bottom of our homepage, without incurring transaction fees !

Why use MultiPay Plus?

  • Web based architecture, customers click on a specified web address and navigate the portal, from the luxury of their homes an/or office environment.  
  • No hardware layout, use your own BYOD device to process deposits . . 
  • No need to be on-site to initiate deposits as this is effectively a remote loading facility.
  • Offering 24/7 access to loading funds  

PaperCut Inject Module ( PIM )


What is PIM?

A custom built middleware software module designed to receive and process information including funds from any 3rd Party data source and/or payment gateway and then injects approved content / funds directly into Papercut, in an automated and operator free process. Data is processed and scheduled in predetermined timeframes.

Example of a predefined process flow, as below :

  • 3rd party data source/payment gateway posts records into a shared folder location, in a specific file format .
  • PIM polls the folder location checking for new records.
  • If found and user is valid, PIM injects associated content/funds linked to the record, into Papercut.
  • PIM notifies user via email when records/funds have been successfully injected/deposited/rejected .

    As PIM functionality is bespoke to each organization, our devteam will require a written specfification doc, detailing your exact requirements.
  • Why deploy PIM?

    • Seamless integration with various 3rd party payment gateways. Customized by design.   
    • Automated process whereby deposits are processed on an ongoing basis
    • Offering 24/7 access to loading funds
    • Offering 24/7 automated loading of funds from an external source / vendor. . 
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