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  • Plankomat SA under the day to day leadership of our awesome General Manager , Samantha Els , has been in business for over five decades and remains at the forefront of technology and market trends. We have endured both hardships and successes over the years without compromising our integrity or our focus on delivery to our partners, end-clients and shareholders alike.
  • Our company operates from its own premises located in Northcliff, Johannesburg and has manufacturing, operational and administrative capabilities. We are well geared to meet our goals. 
  • Our product portfolios are diverse yet focused. Our product range is divided into three complementary segments. Print Management [PAPERCUT], Printer Fleet Management [PRINCITY] and Information/Content Management [OPENBEE]
  • Our solutions are geared towards digital transformation and business process optimization. We secure data through software and hardware platforms and manage transactions and/or processes effectively.
  • Over the last few years, we have launched numerous exciting products. New dynamic solutions in conjunction with our existing range, we are set to deliver significant successes, in particular in the digital & office automation markets.
  • Plankomat SA has focused its energy on enhancing and developing solutions, services and products. Our drive towards creating unique and meaningful product portfolio enabling us to deliver functional solutions deployed across various industry sectors predominantly in Sub Saharan Africa.

    " Its been a pleasure to observe the organic growth of our business over the years. This is primarily due to strong partnerships across the globe, some amazing product and a management team who are super focussed & fully committed in moulding our future. I wish to personally thank our GM, Sam Els, without whom our world would look very different. Your dedication and passion is inspirational and your relenteless drive to improve on everything we do, is a pleasure to observe.

    To all our customers,big and small, we applaud you and appreciate your trust and continued support in us. Here's to many, many more years ahead !

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Plank "

Member of the IDEA Alliance
Digital Transformation
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  • 218 Beyers Naude Drive
  • Northcliff
  • Johannesburg
  • South Africa
  • 2195