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PaperCut MF or HIVE Print|Copy|Scan Management

The fastest growing Tier 1 PMS solution on the planet!
Enable, track, control and charge for printing, scanning and copying. Try Papercut and take control of your print output devices. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Papercut is the leading world class print management software for offices, schools, law firms, engineering companies and more

Printer Fleet Management

KPAX is a centralized management solution for multi-brand office printing devices. It provides access to information from all the printing devices. Whatever the number of locations, clients, or devices – KPAX enables the implementation of management print services (MPS) to reduce the fleet’s financial and ecological costs, so as to improve the quality of service & develop new services

Digital Transformation Tool | The Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace, powered by OpenBee software, is a fit for purpose cloud hosted solution, and is ideal for businesses who want to solve immediate business challenges and manage their organizational objectives the smart way. It is designed for the industry specific business owner who requires organisational and transparent controls within their business.The digital Workplace essentially provides a 360 degree view of all distributed information and file content across the organization, intelligently managing document/object versions and providing a single framework for employees, their suppliers and customers, in one 'self contained' repository. It doesnt stop there, thankfully. With the availability of easy to use, "drag & drop" eform design tools, easily link linear or conditional workflows and suddenly you can automate your business processes from beginning to end. Add to this, our scan capture engine and get the software to identify document metadata required to trigger a workflow "automagically" and without much fanfare.

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MultiPAY Portal

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Our Sub Saharan Africa network of reseller partners delivers customised solutions geared to fuel business growth by leveraging the power of our world class software and hardware for printing cost management!

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