Business solutions designed to manage your hospitality and retail operations.


Business solutions designed to manage your hospitality & retail operations

"Quality service" means more than providing tasty food, diverse menus, cheerful service and clean facilities. The typical modern food court can consist of multiple cafeteria-style dining areas, cafes, and kiosks. Food service patrons expect to be checked out quickly and accurately, and to be able to use a variety of payment options. Many clients require that their employees be able to purchase meals with payroll deduction, declining balance or other forms of cashless payment. The success or failure of the cashier function depends on the strength and flexibility of a food service's point-of-sale (POS) technology. To keep pace with its varied customer requirements, food service providers seek a solution that could provide a flexible and modular POS system to accommodate the needs of their client. In addition to an open environment, they require a POS solution that is easy to use and integrates with back-office, allowing site managers to focus on the business of serving food, and outsource the IT component of their businesses – Plankomat SA is well geared towards meeting this challenge

Front of House
  • Point of sale terminals.
  • Touch Screen cash loader
  • Call order bar terminals
  • Meal control terminals
  • Meal booking terminals
Back of House
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • 3rd Party Payroll
  • Cardholder Management
  • Product Management
  • Operator Management
  • Full System audit
  • System Configuration
  • Stock Management Module(Add-on Module)
Key Features
  • User interface simple yet efficient.
  • Complicated processing made easy.
  • System covers multiple card types & options.
  • System feature configurable to client needs.
  • Versatility & speed at POS.
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Operations Summary


In a typical POS environment, transactions are paid for either by cash, card or recently with fingerprint verification. In a cashless environment customers scan their ID card or fingerprint linked to an account residing on the system database. In certain instances, a company subsidy or monthly ( credit ) allowance is allocated, enabling weekly / monthly payroll deductions. This implies that a suitable export file is generated by inteliPOS compatible with 3rd party payroll systems.