INTELIPAY- Secure Deposit Portal

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What is InteliPAY ?

InteliPAY is a web-based Payment Gateway available as an "add-on" feature for all our PaperCut & InteliPOS clients who wish to deposit funds into their respective accounts. InteliPAY enables easy, secure and prompt transfer of monies from any Internet based device ( BYOD ), from any global destination. Please note, registration of funds in customers PaperCut / InteliPOS account is fully dependant on reliable connectivity and may vary from site to site.

Indicative Fee Structure : ( South African Merchants only )

SNAPSCAN transactional charges: 3.0% on deposit value + vat

PAYFAST transactional charges: Maximum 3.9% + R2.00 on deposit value + vat

System allows for processing costs to be absorbed by either the merchant ( Seller ) or customer ( Buyer ) . Applicable service charges are configurable by the system administrator.

** For demo purposes , all transactions are processed as successful & users will not be charged !

To proceed, click on below links and enter EMPLOYEE # = 123 --> Select test profile ( Joe Soap ) & follow prompts.